The story of the Czech company Dr. Popov

1. Information about the Firm

The Czech firm – Dr. POPOV s.r.o. follows up a long tradition of herbal treatment. It started with the current owner’s grandfather, who was a physician and used herbs to cure his patients. His work was continued by his son Vladimír – a great expert in herbs and grandson Pavel – Doctor of Natural Sciences, who now owns the Dr. Popov s.r.o. company. With the idea of producing natural herbal goods in 1995 they set up a firm offering a wide range of natural medical products, mostly herbal teas, herbal ointments, cosmetics and food supplements. Products are based mainly on well tried and tested original family and folk formulas. All have been certified by the relevant institutions of the Czech Republic in compliance with the valid European Union legislation. Since 2003 our company has had its seat in new premises in Planá u Mariánských Lázní, which complies with the demanding requirements for production conditions stipulated by the European Union directives.

2. Description of Dr. Popov Basic Range

A. Dr. Popov Original Herbal Ointments

  • absolutely natural, produced according to original family formulas, with herb extract
  • containing no colourings, preservatives or emulsifiers, input materials are regularly tested.
  • effects have been well proven by long-term use, ointments work on deeper parts of the skin
  • the widest range in the Czech Republic (17 types)

B. Dr. Popov Original Herbal Teas

  • pure natural herb mixtures (55 types + 12 teas according to the zodiac)
  • herbal selection for individual teas is based on proficient knowledge of herbs, many year’s practical experience in the area of medicine and healing of three generations of the Dr. Popov family
  • herbs come from an ecologically clean environment, they are thoroughly selected and tested
  • teas do not contain any preservatives, colourings or aromas
  • the company supplies teas in loose leaf and tea bags

C. Original Products with Soluble Psyllium Fibre

  • this substance is excellent for slimming, diarrhoea and constipation, reduction of cholesterol and sugar levels, risks of colon cancer; the created gel perfectly cleans out the digestive tract
  1. Original Indian Psyllium – 98% psyllium (Plantago ovata Husk)
  2. Psyllicol – flavoured Indian psyllium – (3 flavours – lemon, orange, cactus fig)
  3. Psyllium Salted Sticks

D. Other Products

The Dr. Popov range includes among other things original natural cosmetic products such as Mumio, Tea Tree, Panthenol, food supplements from Peru, Italy, whey, aloe, natural essential oils as well as hand made natural soap.

3. Basic Principles of Co-operation with Foreign Business Partners

Dr. POPOV s.r.o. supplies goods to retailers in any quantity. At the beginning of the co-operation we use our original Czech packaging, which we attach with a stuck on foreign language label as required. In the case of larger batches we can provide original packaging as requested by the foreign customer. We are interested in co-operating with all countries worldwide and we are looking for sales representatives and whole-sale distributors from various countries with experience in similar product distribution.

4. Contact

  1. By e-mail: export@popov.cz – preferred for initial communication
  2. By fax – fax: 00420 374 616 460
  3. By post to the address: Dr. POPOV s.r.o., Plzeňská 857, 348 15 Planá, Czech Republic
  4. By telephone on number 00420 374 616 450 (on business days 8.00 a.m.– 5.00 p.m.).